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Metro Detroit Real Estate Values Holding Strong Homes Sales Slip Heading into Year End.

Updated: Nov 21

detroit home sales


The number of home sales in the Metro Detroit and gross commission are down 16% in 2023 vs. 2022 yet average sales price has remained the same at $295,388.00 up from $295,110.00 in 2022.

YTD number of sales in Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland Counties YTD = 39,283 vs. 46,905 in 2022.

YTD sales volume $11,602,867,891 vs. $13,840,379,777 in 2022.

Detroit home sale and pricing date is a macro data for Wayne, Macomb and Oakland counties, obviously there is a huge delta between the high and low markets in this counties, if you would like more specific information on your area please reach out and we can discuss.

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